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Commercial Real Estate

In the field of commercial and industrial real estate, the company takes on the role of promoter and deals with the sale and zoning of lots, overall project design, infrastructural works, architectural style approval, and the establishment of criteria to guarantee clients receive the benchmark of quality.

Headquarters of the Fire Department | Sorel-Tracy

15,000 sq. ft. energy-efficient building aiming for LEED certification (among others) with the integration of electromechanical equipment designed for optimal energy consumption, along with the use of solar and passive energy
Catania Business Park | Brossard

Developer and builder of 3 buildings of contemporary aluminum and glass architecture for turnkey office. The park is strategically located at the junction of Highway 10 and Highway 30.
Catania Industrial Park | Brossard

Developer and builder of buildings divisible space for turnkey office. Located in the Industrial Park near the junction of Matte Boulevard and Du Quartier Boulevard.
Nortrax - John Deere | Brossard

Developer and builder of a 30 000 sq. ft. building – turnkey project for John Deere’s heavy machinery Nortrax Division, Matte Boulevard, Brossard.
Community center | Montréal

Construction of a 15 000 sq. ft. multifonctional building for the city of Dollard-des-Ormeaux now occupped by a kindergarden.
Château Maplewood | Montréal

Set up of a presentation center inside the 1420 Mont Royal Boulevard in Outremont and restoration work of the 1075 Laurier Ave West and construction of the Château Maplewood sales office.
Complex Catania | Brossard

Developer, promoter and builder, managed civil engineering works of buildings divisible space for turnkey industrial condos.

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