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Catania's activities focus on the residential and commercial real estate sector, it manage all construction and landscaping work required in its residential and commercial developments. Catania still boasts an impressive portfolio in the civil engineering and environmental works sectors. Noteworthy accomplishments include the construction of roads, bridges, overpasses and highways for the private and public sectors, water and wastewater treatment plants, installation of pipes, as well as site decontamination work.

Catania is proud of its accomplishments, here are a few:

Port of Montreal

2010-2011 – Rehabilitation of docks 76-77 and extraction of piles, Montréal
Faubourg Contrecoeur

2008-2015 - Construction of 272 condos units (multi-units and social housing units), Faubourg Contrecœur, Montréal
Road 104 - La Prairie

2009-2010 - Reconstruction of the CN and St. Claude brook bridges and road works, La Prairie
Road works in Montréal

2009-2010 - Reconstruction of a combined sewer and a secondary water line. Reconstruction of paver on St-Paul, Queen, St-Henry, Gauvin and Dupré streets in Montréal
Pierrefonds filtration plant

2005-2008 and 2008-2011 – Construction of a new building and a new drinking water plant, addition of water treatment system, chlorination system and high pressure pumps and pipes, Montréal
Hochelaga Bridge

2008 – Complete demolition and reconstruction of the Hochelaga bridge, Montréal

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