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The company upholds its passion for innovation now more than ever as it continues to design large-scale projects and take up major challenges so that its partners, employees and customers benefit from a better living environment. These accomplishments would not be possible without the investment of the Catania team, which is composed of qualified professionals from all sectors of the industry and enables it to successfully carry out its many projects. With total customer satisfaction being our number one priority, members of the Catania team collectively work toward producing projects that aim to meet the industryís highest standards.

Cataniaís mission and goal are to produce high-quality work that truly satisfies customers, while optimizing company productivity, profitability and development through employee capability and know-how. All employees adhere to a strict corporate governance code to ensure compliance with ethical rules and standards of conduct that shape employee behavior under Cataniaís business practices.

In addition, Catania acquired a quality management system in 2000 that meets the requirements of the current standard in effect (ISO 9001: 2000). Above all, the purpose of the process is to guarantee customers high-quality work performed by employees who are properly equipped and encouraged to perform with zero defects in an increasingly competitive environment. This company-wide objective enables us to engage in continuous improvement and excel. Catania also has a well-established occupational health and safety policy, which makes it a fundamental guiding principle that governs all its activities to achieve its zero-accident objective and eliminate all risks or potential dangers at the source.

Catania's know-how and expertise come from a team of seasoned professionals who play a role in each of the phases of development of its many projects from designing a concept to creating plans to coordinating it all with the client and then budgeting and handling budget follow-up, setting target dates and more right up to the actual construction itself, plus sales and delivery. This highly qualified team of engineers, technicians, urban development specialists and architects is backed by a competent, experienced support team.

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